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Progressive Publishing for Enlightened Authors
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About Old Line Publishing

Old Line Publishing is a rapidly growing online publisher of books and eBooks. The company prides itself on being a blend of traditional publishing and state-of-the-art publishing. Since its beginning in 2006, Old Line Publishing has focused on creating, marketing, distributing and retailing high quality books and eBooks. Old Line Publishing has set itself apart from its competitors by offering high quality publishing services to both new and established authors and incorporating digital printing for all their catalog titles.

Old Line Staff

Craig Schenning


Craig is the owner and founder of Old Line Publishing. He personally works with each author and freelancer with the goal of creating the best book possible.


Ellen Brink


Ellen is an editor focusing primarily on copyediting and proofreading.

Stephen Carnaggio


Stephen is an editor focusing primarily on copyediting and proofreading.

Meredith Donaho


In addition to copyediting and proofreading, Meredith is a freelance grant writer and guitarist. Check out her professional profile and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Court Dudek


Court is a graduate of Eastern University with a BA in English writing.  He has a penchant for science (astronomy, biology), writing, theology, and world travel. You can find him on Linkedin.

Candace Meredith


Candace is a graduate of FSU with a BS in English creative writing. Her poetry, photography and fiction has been published. She currently resides in Allegany County, MD and has traveled the world reflecting those travels in her writing.

Shelly Yergensen


Shelly is a bibliophile and author. She focuses mainly on acquisitions, but is also involved with copyediting. She and her husband own their own wholesale business in Salt Lake City to pay for their ATV riding addiction. 


Andrea Burkom


Andrea is an artist and illustrator focusing primarily on hand-drawn art in a variety of non-digital media.

Richard Green


Rick has been a graphic designer and video editor since 1984. He lives in Atlanta with his two teenage sons, two dogs and a parrot. Rick focuses primarily on book cover designs. See his work at

Crystal Jeffrey


Crystal is a graphic designer with over 3 years experience in book and web design. She loves what she does and focuses primarily on interior book layout and design. Check out her website and visit her on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Christopher Saghy


Chris is a graphic designer by day and a freelance designer and illustrator by night. While specializing in book cover design for Old Line Publishing, he is also a published children’s book author and illustrator. Visit him on Facebook.

Bren Shaffer


Bren is a graduate of Towson University and has a BA in Visual Communication/Photography. She has worked in the graphics field for eighteen years and focuses primarily on digital art media. She is currently working on the DragonTree series.

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